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Urinal Troughs
Unlike almost every other waterless urinal system, the Uridan does not require costly replacement cartridges.  For more choices or Uridan products, including urinal bowls, please click here to go to the Uridan page on our website dedicated to waterless urinals.
How they work 
Urine and debris passes through an oil-based barrier fluid called 'Urilock' which forms the seal to prevent odours from venting into the washroom. The in-built trap collects debris to help prevent blockages. Simple and infrequent maintenance is required using the inexpensive Urilock sealant. The trap requires emptying after approximately 15,000 to 17,000 uses. 
Further information:
Uridan Waterless CREWTROUGH Urinal 1200mm - GRP
Uridan Waterless CREWTROUGH Urinal 1800mm - GRP
Uridan Waterless CREWTROUGH Urinal 2400mm - GRP
Price (ex VAT): £675
Price (ex VAT): £775
Price (ex VAT): £865