3 Urinals Set - Olympus Standard: Exposed Trap, Flushpipes & China Cistern

3 Urinals Set - Olympus Standard: Exposed Trap, Flushpipes & China Cistern

3 Urinals Set - Olympus Standard: Exposed Trap, Flushpipes & China Cistern
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Flush Controller: Comply with water regulations and save water
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  • Description

    The Olympus Standard (S7004027) is a wall mounted urinal in vitreous china for exposed flushpipes. This is a large bowl at 510mm in height, with a china auto cistern included as standard.

    Bowl Dimensions:  Height = 510mm     Width = 380mm     Projection from wall = 330mm

    Pack Type: For exposed installation, with the cistern mounted on the same side of the wall above the urinals. Includes everything required from the cistern down to the waste trap.

    Pack includes:
    - 3 x Olympus Standard urinals
    - 1 x 13 litre Vitreous China Auto Cistern
    - 1 x Exposed Stainless Steel Sparge Pipe Set (for 3 urinals)
    - 3 x Top Entry Flushing Spreaders
    - 4 x Pairs of Wall Hangers
    - 3 x Domed Waste Outlets
    - 3 x Plastic Bottle Traps

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  • Options
    Marnic Water Watch
    Water regulations require that urinals are fitted with a mechanical or electronic device to restrict flushing. Standard urinal cisterns flush as soon as they are full. The Marnic Water Watch controls the flow of water into the cistern, using a Passive Infra Red sensor to detect when someone has approached a bank of urinals. It then starts an electronic timer to initiate a flush after the number of minutes you have chosen, typically 20 minutes. If nobody approaches the urinals, for example at night or over the weekend, a 'hygiene flush' will be initiated, generally after 12 hours of inactivity. This feature is important to prevent odours on a Monday morning, for example. Click here for a wider choice of flush controllers suitable for urinals, including mains powered models.
    Divisions (Privacy Screens)
    The Olympus S7004028 division is designed as a match for the Olympus urinal bowls.
    Dimensions: Height = 630mm     Width = 160mm    Projection from wall = 310mm
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