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Gentworks supplies a wide range of sanitaryware and related products, including stainless steel toilets and drinking fountains, for fast delivery at discount prices. Our knowledge of washrooms products is reflected in our selected product offerings and easy to access by calling our advisors on 0345 202 4535 for pre and post sales support. More than 30% of people buying from our websites talk to us first. If you are interested in waterless urinals please go to www.waterlessurinals.co.uk , our website dedicated to these systems. 

Since we started in 2001, Gentworks has kept it simple, supplying a range of trusted and readily available commercial washroom products supported by a professional team that understands them well. Some of the products on our website are manufactured specifically for Gentworks according to our, or your, specifications. Like the standard products we choose to resell that are made by others, Gentworks branded products are high quality as well as great value. We know that if we put our name on it, our reputation is even more at stake. 

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