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Sensor Taps

All the taps shown here, apart from the "1D" model, are from Dart Valley Systems, who we regard as the current leader in design and manufacture of taps for public washrooms with high usage. DVS taps are built for busy washrooms which is why they are so often seen at airports and motorway service stations. They also offer resistance to vandalism and misuse due to the heavy duty construction. Easy to install, with options for mains or battery operated, DVS No-Touch products allow you to control your water efficiently, conserve energy and cut costs without sacrificing performance and reliability.

No-Touch automatic taps and accessories from Dart Valley Systems incorporate state-of-the-art design and technology and provide hygienic water dispensing solutions to many market sectors - including hotels, supermarkets, laboratories, hospitals, schools, universities, airports, motorway services and food factories to name a few. Gentworks uses DVS products for most of the large water saving projects we carry out because of the wide range of options and exceptional reliability.
For more details of the range, including tap diagrams, applications, how they work and the benefits, please  view the brochure.

  Ref Product Our Price (ex VAT)
SEN-1D 1D Sensor Operated Tap - Mains and Battery Supply £159.00
1XAT03-001+AT00-001 DVS Aquarius A32 Deck Mounted Automatic Tap £254.00
1XAT03-011+AT00-001 DVS Aquarius A45 Deck Mounted Automatic Tap £254.00
1XAT03-021+AT00-001 DVS Aquarius A45 Doc-M Short Deck Mounted Automatic Tap £254.00
1XAT02-001+AT00-001 DVS Aquarius Wall Mounted Automatic Tap £254.00
1XAT03-031+AT00-001 DVS Aquarius High Neck (Short Version) Deck Mounted Automatic Tap £292.00
1XAT03-041+AT00-001 DVS Aquarius High Neck Deck Mounted Automatic Tap £292.00
1XAT01-001+AT00-001 DVS Classic Chrome Automatic Tap £292.00
1XAT01-011+AT00-001 DVS Classic Swan Automatic Tap £292.00
1XAT03-051+AT00-001 DVS Aquarius Pillar (Short Version) Deck Mounted Automatic Tap £376.00
1XAT03-061+AT00-001 DVS Aquarius Pillar Deck Mounted Automatic Tap £376.00