TWIN PACK - 1x Bottle Filler and 1x Bubbler Tap Drinking Fountains

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Ref GW-362-TP


This “twin pack” of drinking fountains recognises the demand for both bubbler and bottle filling solutions at a lower price than the models designed for dual function (e.g. GW-951), without compromising safety.

• Smooth rounded design
• Ideal for high-traffic locations
• 1.5mm thick grade 304 satin stainless steel
•     Raised landing area around bubbler tap
•     32mm waste outlet supplied
•     Under-shroud and base plate to protection water connections
•     Integral splashback
•     Side positioned tap
•     Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
•     Ideal for schools and public amenities

Since Gentworks started selling drinking fountains back in 2007, we have refused to supply a drinking fountain with two dispenser types because of multiple reports of accidents.  Users leaning over to use the bubbler can be hurt when raising their heads if the swan-neck bottle filler is in close proximity. In most cases, these accidents have been reported by schools and perhaps they are caused by boisterous behaviour as much as by the design of the drinking fountain installed.

Both units come with appropriate wall mounting brackets and are manufactured in one piece from grade 304 stainless steel. They features a 215mm deep under-shroud and a removable baseplate which allow the water inlet and waste connections to be "through-wall" or from underneath.  For ease of use, the dispenser is situated to one side, on a raised landing area. The integrated splashback provides for ease of cleaning.

Please note that while these stainless steel drinking fountains are suitable for outside installation, they will need to be isolated and drained down during periods of freezing weather to prevent damage to the valves and pipework.

Both drinking fountains are supplied with wall brackets, security screw removal key, 32mm grated waste fitting and water inlet fitting to suit 15mm diameter pipework.  One unit is supplied with a bottle filling swan-neck spout and the other a chrome plated brass shielded WRAS approved bubbler.

Depth: 360mm (projection from wall)
Height: 290mm (including 75mm high rear upturn but excluding bubbler)
Recommended mounting heights: Top of front Apron to finished floor; Junior 762mm, Adult 915mm


Drinking fountains with bubblers provide a jet of water to the user under normal mains pressure.

WRAS approved bubbler tap: chrome press button drinking water bubbler valve (tap), product approved in accordance with UK water regulations.

Bottle / Cup filler: self-closing push button valve fitted with a 255mm high, chrome plated, fixed brass swan-neck spout. Water only flows whilst the button is depressed.

Optional but recommended is our Mains water connection kit designed for aiding the connection of drinking fountains to a mains water supply pipe. Protects the drinking fountain by preventing the maximum pressure rating being exceeded. Double check valve prevents backward flow of liquid.


 GW-362 Product Data Sheet


 GW-362 Installation Instructions