Drinking Fountain with Bottle Filling Station - Junior Height

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This dual-purpose floor standing Junior height drinking fountain is made from 1.5mm thick Grade 304 stainless steel and provides drinking water from both a traditional bubbler valve and via a convenient recessed bottle filling station, suitable for use with 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0 litre bottles. The unit is hygienic, robust and suitable for both indoor and, when proper precautions* are observed, outdoor use. The shielded self-closing bubbler valve is positioned for ease of use and the bottle filler is activated by a simple push button mounted on top of the unit. The whole unit features a smooth radiused design eliminating sharp corners. The drinking fountain and bottle filling station has an integral full height shroud to conceal the water supply and waste pipework. The unit is supplied pre-plumbed with a single flexible water inlet hose and is fitted with dual water traps and waste pipes terminating in one connection. Two models are available to suit both adult and junior height applications.


- 760mm Junior height drinking fountain
- Hygienic vandal resistant design
- Smooth radiused shroud
- Concealed pipework
- WRAS approved drinking fountain bubbler tap
- WRAS approved self-closing bottle filling valve
- Suitable for use with 0.5, 0.75 and 1 litre bottles
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor* use

Optional but recommended is our Mains water connection kit designed for aiding the connection of drinking fountains to a mains water supply pipe. Protects the drinking fountain by preventing the maximum pressure rating being exceeded. Double check valve prevents backward flow of liquid.

Please refer to the 'More Product Info' Tab for information relating to fitting sizes, dimensions and outdoor installations. 

900mm Adult height version is also available 
 GW-951 Product Data Sheet


GW-951 Installation Instructions

Waste Outlets

The drinking fountain and bottle filling station (recessed) are both fitted with a with a 38 mm (11/2 in) BSP flush grated waste fitting, water trap and waste outlet pipe, pre-plumbed into a T piece with a single 40 mm outlet pipe. A multifit 40 mm x 11/2 inch straight waste pipe connector is also supplied.

Bubbler Valve

The drinking fountain is supplied with a chrome plated shielded bubbler valve with self closing push button valve. The bubbler valve incorporates a flow adjuster and strainer and is supplied fitted and pre-plumbed with in-line service/isolating valve to a brass T piece with a single ½ inch BSP male inlet connection.

Bottle Filling Valve and Outlet

The bottle filling station is recessed into the front of the shroud and is sized to accept all common 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0 litre bottles. Fitted into the top of the recess is a bottle filling outlet, which is connected to the concealed push button flow water control valve. The bottle filling valve is operated by the chrome plated brass push button mounted into the top of the unit. The bottle filling outlet and valve is supplied factory fitted and pre-plumbed with in-line service/isolating valve to the brass T piece which is also connected to the bubbler valve (see above). A stainless steel braided flexible hose is supplied to connect the brass T piece to a 15 mm diameter water supply pipe.

Outdoor Installations

When installed outdoors it is necessary to isolate the water supply, drain completely all pipes and valves using pressurised air, if necessary, prior to temperatures falling to 0°C. Alternatively it is recommended to dismount the fountain and store it in an area where temperatures will not fall to 0°C. If water freezes in the valves irreparable damage will be done to internal parts which will require replacing.

Width: 330mm
Depth: 365mm (projection from wall)
Height: 760mm (excluding rear upturn and excluding bubbler)