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Waste Outlet Location
End Style
Rear Entry to conceal cistern & downpipe
WaterWatch Flush Controller
Upgrade to Stainless Steel Cistern
Downpipe Cover
Delivery Time England & Wales in 15 to 20 working days. For Scotland, please call us.

  • Description
    FSRU Range of floor-standing urinals with recessed trough
    Projection from wall = 365mm          Height = 1040mm
    Standard lengths = 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm.  Bespoke lengths and designs available.
    This floor-standing model requires a trench to be cut into the floor and is often used to replace old ceramic slab urinals. The urinal trough is manufactured to order in the UK as a one piece unit from 1.2mm thick, grade 304 stainless steel. The surface is polished to a smooth, satin, non-reflective finish.
    A stainless steel box conceals the horizontal sparge pipes to discourage tampering. For additional cost, the urinal can be configured for rear entry of the downpipe, thus allowing the cistern and downpipe to be hidden behind panels or a stud wall. There are also options to upgrade to a stainless steel cistern, and to include a downpipe cover.
    Pack Includes:
    - Urinal Trough
    - 50mm (2") Waste Outlet fitting  (choice of location)
    - Plastic Cistern and Auto Siphon (upgradeable to stainless steel cistern)
    - Stainless Steel Downpipe and Sparge
    - Fittings
    - Fixing Screws
  • About Delivery
    The delivery time for this urinal is 6 to 10 working days and the standard delivery charge for UK mainland is £10 per consignment.  For locations outside of the UK mainland, including UK islands and Ireland, delivery costs will vary depending upon the size and weight of the consignment. Delivery may also take longer. Please call 0345 202 4535 for a quote and further information.


    The delivery times stated for this product are representative of what we achieve in 95% of cases for this specific product. If we have reason to believe that one or more of the items in your order will not be delivered within the stated time, we will contact you as soon as possible with a new delivery date, giving the option to cancel the order. Please note that we are unable to specify the time of day your order will be delivered and all goods must be signed for. At time of delivery, please check goods for damage in transit before signing for them in order to avoid disputes over when and where any damage was caused. All goods are checked thoroughly before leaving the warehouse.

  • Options
    Waste Outlet Location
    There is a choice of left or right waste outlet (when facing the trough). If the option box is not changed when placing an order, a left waste version will be supplied.
    If the cistern is to be concealed behind panels or a wall, the water connection to the urinal can be specified to enter from the rear of the trough. If "rear-entry" is not specified, a top-entry version of the urinal will be supplied for use with a cistern fixed directly above, not behind, the urinal.
    End Style
    There is a choice of "end styles" which allow for left, right (facing the urinal), or both ends to be designed for wall-fixing or freestanding. If the option box is not changed when placing an order, both ends will be freestanding.
    Marnic Water Watch
    Water regulations require that urinals are fitted with a mechanical or electronic device to restrict flushing. Standard urinal cisterns flush as soon as they are full. The Marnic Water Watch controls the flow of water into the cistern, using a Passive Infra Red sensor to detect when someone has approached a bank of urinals. It then starts an electronic timer to initiate a flush after the number of minutes you have chosen, typically 20 minutes. If nobody approaches the urinals, for example at night or over the weekend, a 'hygiene flush' will be initiated, generally after 12 hours of inactivity. This feature is important to prevent odours on a Monday morning, for example. Click here for a wider choice of flush controllers suitable for urinal troughs, including mains powered models.
    Upgrade to Stainless Steel Cistern
    More than 95% of urinal trough buyers choose the plastic cistern supplied as standard. However, a high quality and robust stainless steel cistern is available for an additional cost. This cistern is manufactured in 1 piece, without joints or crevices from 304 grade stainless steel, with all surfaces polished to a satin finish. It comes complete with a removable lid held in position by security type screws and all standard fittings, including a petcock valve.
    Dimensions: height = 322mm, width = 484mm, projection from wall = 165mm
    Downpipe Cover (for use with stainless steel cistern)
    For additional vandal resistance, a stainless steel downpipe cover can be provided to protect the supply pipe from the cistern to the urinal. This can only be used with a stainless steel cistern (see option above). 
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