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Waterless Urinals
All our waterless urinal information and products can now be found at
Go to waterlessurinals.co.uk
Replacement cartridges and some other waterless products can still be purchased through this website.
Since 2001, Gentworks has specialised in washroom water saving offering full installation and maintenance services. Our engineers service hundreds of waterless and low flushing urinals every month, helping our clients to dramatically reduce water and maintenance costs. For more information on the solutions we offer, both fully serviced and supply only, call one of our advisors on 0345 202 4535 or go to www.waterlessurinals.co.uk.
Gentworks are very much in favour of water saving in general and waterless urinals in particular, so we cannot claim to be unbiased. However, we would rather our customers chose to go waterless (or 'low-flushing') after having fully understood the implications. Whilst successful implementation and maintenance of such water saving measures are far from difficult, there are issues that need to be considered. For detailed information on this topic, please go to www.waterlessurinals.co.uk . We are always happy to talk through the issues should you wish to call 0345 202 4535. On occassions we advise that the installation of good quality sensor urinal flush controllers could be more appropriate, even though the water savings are much less.  Whilst waterless technology  has been proven to work beyond doubt across thousands of urinals, the willingness to follow some simple procedures and to avoid bad practices are the prerequisites for success. If properly maintained, however, waterless urinals offer tremendous water and monetary savings as well as outstanding reliability.

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