Urinal & WC Flush Controls

We offer a wide range of urinal and WC flush controls that provide optimal levels of water conservation without compromising on hygiene.

Flow Saver PIR Urinal Flush Controller Kit

Flow Saver PIR Urinal Flush Controller Kit


Battery Powered PIR Sensor Flow Control kit for urinal cisterns, everything you need in one box.

Maintains hygiene standards whilst conserving water and dramatically cutting water costs – saving up to 95% of water usage compared with an uncontrolled cistern, and around 30-40% against more basic water management systems.
The Flow Saver consists of an electronic control sensor unit and a solenoid for installation into the water supply pipe of a urinal auto cistern. The unit monitors washroom traffic to schedule cistern flushes. Where no motion is detected a hygiene flush is initiated at 12 hour intervals. During high usage periods where the number of detections exceeds 20, the unit will temporally switch from 30 or 60 minute flushing to 15 minute flushing for improved hygiene.

•    Anti-Vandal Polycarbonate Domed Housing
•    Test Cycle Function
•    Easy Setup with LED Status Indicator and Beeper
•    Battery Powered
•    Low Battery Warning Light
•    Tamper Proof Cover With Key
•    Wall or Ceiling Mounted
•    High Quality WRAS Approved ASCO Latching Solenoid Valve

Kit Includes:
- Flush controller unit with sensor eye for wall or ceiling mount above the urinals
- Asco solenoid valve for fitting to water supply (15mm compression fit)
- Approx. 1m of  two core cable to connect controller to solenoid
- Cover release key
- Fixing plugs and screws
- 4 x AA  LR6 Alkaline Batteries

Construction: ABS/PC
Sensor range: 3 metres
Motion sensor: Passive Infra-Red (PIR) 
Water control: Asco DC latching 2.0mm orifice solenoid valve
Water Pressure: 0.5 - 7.0 BAR
Power: 4 x AA Battery cells (LR6)
Typical Battery Life: Alkaline batteries (supplied) 12-18 months, Lithium batteries (not supplied) 2-3 years
Dimensions: 130 x 130 x 45mm

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Marnic Water Watch - PIR Urinal Flush Controller

Marnic Water Watch - PIR Urinal Flush Controller


A wide-angle PIR sensor manufactured by Marnic Technologies, in an enamel painted steel case. Many thousands of this inexpensive, yet high-quality, controller have been supplied to Gentworks customers. They are very popular with schools and local authority sites as well as pubs, offices and factories. 

Can be calibrated to flush up to 4 times per hour but we recommend it is set to flush 20 minutes after the sensor detects a user, therefore a maximum of 3 times per hour. If no user is detected (e.g. over weekends), there is a choice of flushing after 12 or 24 hours. 

The solenoid can be installed on either vertical or horizontal pipe. An arrow on the brass body indicates the direction of flow.

- Flush controller box with sensor eye for wall or ceiling mount above the urinals
- Marnic Solenoid valve for fitting to water supply (15mm compression fit)
- Approx 1m of 2 core cable to connect controller to solenoid
- 4.5v Alkaline Duracell battery with tails (Battery version only)
- 240v to 4.5v Built in Power Supply (PSU) (Mains version only)

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KWC DVS - No-touch WC Flushvalve -  Mains Power

KWC DVS - No-touch WC Flushvalve - Mains Power


The KWC DVS No-Touch WC Flushing System is an electronically operated drop valve which delivers a measured volume of water from the cistern to the WC bowl.  The Flushvalve is activated when the user’s hand comes within 50mm of the sensor and a 35 second delay mechanism prevents abuse between flushes by the user. An electromagnetic solenoid coil is central to the operation of the Flushvalve.

The timer can be adjusted to between 1 and 6 seconds (1 second = 1 litre water approx.) The unit is designed to fit most types of cistern. Most WC cisterns will require the standard 1.5" base but newer water saving 'ECO' cisterns (providing 4L and 2.5L flushes) and some very old cisterns may require the 2" base. Please check before ordering. The 2" base option can be selected from the option lists below.

Pack includes:

- flushvalve
- control box
- wave-on sensor with 38mm bezel

 No-Touch WC Flushvalve V2 manual  (1450k)


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Urinal & WC Flush Controls

PIR Sensor Urinal Controls Most commonly used in the U.K. Comply with water regulations, save water and reduce costs. Wall and ceiling mounted, battery or mains powered.

Individual Urinal Sensors with direct flush from mains water- Flushes, without cistern, immediately after use. Ideal where style is important and with urinal bowls where urine remains visible until flushed.

WC Flush Controls - Improve hygiene through "no touch". Restrict the quantity of water used for each flush with the convenience and style of PIR sensor operation.