Batteries and Spares for Urinal Flush Controls

Batteries and Spares for Urinal Flush Controls

We stock replacement batteries for some of the most popular flush controllers. Please accept our apologies for the high prices compared with consumer batteries of similar design. What we are charged by our suppliers shocks us too! We're also slightly embarrassed by having to charge £10 delivery for these small items. We're a long way from a post office so every battery is collected by UPS for a next working day service, along with our other packages. If one of us went to queue at the post office instead, it would cost us more than £10. 


4.5 Volt Alkaline Battery with tail for Marnic WaterWatch units.

4.5 volt alkaline battery pack for use with Marnic Water Watch units



Price (inc VAT): £9.60

6 Volt Lithium Battery with tail for DVS and Gentworks controllers

6 volt Battery for use with current Gentworks and DVS models



Price (inc VAT): £16.80

Replacement Marnic Water Watch Controller Valve

Replacement Marnic Water Watch Solenoid Valve



Price (inc VAT): £57.60