Ceramic Urinals

Ceramic Urinals

Gentworks has specialised in urinal products and services since 2001. We supply Armitage Shanks, Twyford,and Olympus brands as standard but often supply other brands and models. Coronus urinals and urinal sets are almost always available for 1 to 2 working day delivery. If you require help or advice, please call 0345 202 4535.

Individual Bowls and Accessories: We sell Individual Urinal Bowls with options to add wall-hangers, flush spreaders, waste outlets, traps, Divisions ("privacy screens"), flush pipe sets, cisterns and other accessories for urinal bowls. For urinal sets that include everything from the cistern down to, and including, the waste traps, please choose from the categories below. Our urinal packs include everything needed for installation.

Exposed Urinal Packs including Cistern (where the cistern is on the same side of the wall as the urinals)

Concealed Urinal Packs including Cistern (where the cistern is behind partitions or a stud wall)

Urinal bowls come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The smallest urinal bowl we offer is the Armitage Shanks (Ideal Standard) Sanura 400. The "400" refers to the height of the bowl in millimetres. When deciding which urinal bowl to buy, however, the depth or "projection from the wall" is probably a more important factor.. Generally the greater the projection of the urinal bowl, the less likely that "splashing" problems will occur. The Sanura 400 only has a projection of 250mm wheras the most popular models, including the Coronus, Clifton and Sanura 500 have a projection of more than 300mm. The largest urinal bowls are the Olympus and Camden, with 330mm projections. 

Aside from depth/projection considerations, the choice of urinal bowl is then largely about appearance.  At Gentworks, we focus on supplying the styles of urinals that have been most accepted for use in commercial washrooms for many years, so all of the models displayed are proven suitable for this purpose.  We don't currently offer the many "designer" models of urinal available on the market. In particular, we have avoided those urinal bowls with integrated siphonic traps because they are typically more expensive to buy and to fit.  The built in siphonic trap means that urine remains visible in the bowl until it is flushed.  As many users consider this unacceptable, the siphonic trap bowls should be fitted with a system which flushes immediately after use. DVS and Cistermiser offer products designed for this purpose (see 'Direct Flush' products) .