Stainless Steel Urinals

Our product range includes urinals with configurable options, allowing for easier installation and providing you with additional choices to meet your specific requirements. In addition to that, we also have a separate range of urinals readily available off the shelf, ensuring quick delivery for your convenience.

Quick Delivery Standard Wall Hung Urinal - Two Lengths Available

Quick Delivery Standard Wall Hung Urinal - Two Lengths Available


Quick Delivery Wall-Hung Urinal Trough in 1200mm or 1800mm

Our two most popular urinals kept in stock for quick dispatch.
Delivery usually 1-3 working days
(Scotland adds 3 working days and some postcode restrictions apply)
Please check delivery restrictions in the "About Delivery" tab before ordering.

If you require a different size or options and can wait longer, please see our Standard Wall Hung Urinal range in related products below.

Projection from wall = 280mm   Height = 585mm
Stocked lengths: 1200mm (2 Person) & 1800mm (3 Person)

Locked options: Top Inlet  with Centre Drain only

Manufactured in the UK as one piece units from grade 304 austenitic stainless steel, 1.2mm thick, with a smooth satin polished non-reflective surface. A stainless steel box conceals the horizontal sparge pipes to discourage tampering.

The urinals are supplied with combination ends suitable for either exposed or side-wall applications. Each urinal comes with a stainless steel downpipe, downpipe clips and stainless steel fixing screws.

Pack Includes:
- Urinal Trough - Central 38mm (1.5") Waste Outlet fitting
- Plastic Auto Cistern and Auto Siphon
- Downpipe and sparge pipe
- Fittings
- Fixing screws


 (ex VAT)
Stainless Steel Wall Hung Urinal Trough with Cistern - 4 Lengths Available

Stainless Steel Wall Hung Urinal Trough with Cistern - 4 Lengths Available


New Range of High-Quality Wall-Hung Urinals Coming Soon in Early June!

1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm urinals held in stock for quick delivery. The 2400mm versions are made to order at the factory, with a lead time of around 8-12 working days.

These stainless steel urinal troughs include an exposed plastic auto cistern and stainless steel downpipe as part of the package. Available in a choice of lengths, with either left-hand (LH) or right-hand (RH) waste outlet.

Ideal for schools, offices, factories, sports facilities, and more. The satin polished non-reflective surface provides a modern and clean appearance. Crafted from durable 1.2mm grade 304 austenitic stainless steel with fully boxed safety ends with a concealed stainless steel sparge for maximum tamper-resistance and security.

Projection from wall = 300mm Height = 465mm

Pack Includes:
- Urinal Trough
-  2" Domed Plastic Waste Outlet - Left or Right Handed
- Plastic Exposed Cistern with Auto Siphon (WRAS Approved)
- Stainless Steel Downpipe and factory fitted Sparge Pipe

Delivery Restrictions for 2400mm Urinals:
The long 2400mm urinals are only available for direct delivery to commercial addresses during office hours that are capable of accommodating and unloading these large items. Orders to other locations won't be processed. We'll offer a dedicated van delivery quote or you can arrange collection from our Buckinghamshire premises.

Custom lengths and backwater inlet options are available. Please email sales@gentworks with your delivery location, and we'll promptly provide you with a quote.


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Stainless Steel Urinals

All Gentworks stainless urinals are made from Grade 304 stainless steel. Beware of cheaper models made from inferior grades generally regarded as unsuitable for robust urinal construction. If the seller does not state the grade used, it is best to ask!

All our urinals are supplied complete with plastic cistern, connecting pipes, waste outlet and fixing screws. A stainless steel cistern option is available at additional cost on most models.