Our range of commercial taps have been carefully selected to combine reliability and value. Non-concussive push taps, with automatic shutoff, make a great budget option and save water. Our UK manufactured premium sensor taps, by Dart Valley systems, are designed to cope with demand in high traffic areas, featuring robust stainless steel spouts and premium Asco solenoid valves.

Self Closing Single Feed Tap

Self Closing Single Feed Tap


Self closing non-concussive single feed tap is manufactured from brass and has a high polish chrome finish.

Provides approximately 8-10 seconds duration of flow (not adjustable) when the push button top is depressed, savings in both water usage and energy in all commercial and industrial environments.
This tap is supplied with cold and hot indices for either installation.
Inlet Connection - Single Feed (1/2 in) BSP male connection.

WRAS Approved.

- Self closing operation
- Water & Energy saving
- High polish chrome finish

Pressures & operating conditions:
Minimum operating pressure: 0.5 bar
Maximum operating pressure: 3.0 bar
Maximum Inlet temperature: 43o


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Monobloc Sequential Lever Mixing Tap

Monobloc Sequential Lever Mixing Tap


This monobloc sequential mixing tap is manufactured from brass and has a high polish chrome finish.  The tap features a single lever sequential spray mixer providing cold to hot through 180 degree operation of the lever. The lever handle is easy to grip and can be operated by either hand or wrist making the tap ideal for those with limited dexterity.

Cold start technology:
Cold start taps reduce energy waste and save money by only activating cold water when opened centrally. Hot water is still available by turning the lever further. This technology is especially useful for daily tasks like handwashing and teeth brushing, eliminating unnecessary heating and changing our approach to warm water usage.

The mixer tap is not thermostatic and a proprietary temperature control device (TMV) should always be used.

- Simple easy to grip lever operation
- Cold start technology
- WRAS approved
- 35mm tap hole required
- Supplied with flexible water inlet hoses
- High polish chrome finish

Minimum operating pressure: 1.0 bar
Maximum operating pressure: 6.0 bar
Recommended operating range 2.0 to 5 bar
Flow rate at 1 bar = 2.0 ltr per minute


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1D Sensor Operated Tap - Mains and Battery Supply

1D Sensor Operated Tap - Mains and Battery Supply

Sensor 1D Automatic Tap, Mains & battery powered
Compact and solid in design, the 1D is ideal for hand sinks in rest areas, stadiums, schools, restaurants, hotels and other public areas. 
• Mains operated with battery back-up
• Vandal and scratch resistant sensor window
• Moisture and water resistant control unit
• Suitable for cold or premixed water
• Maximum operational temperature 45°C
• Minimum pressure required 0.5 bar
• 12 Month return to base warranty
• WRAS Approved
Pressures & operating conditions:
Inlet connection: ½” BSP
- Working pressure: 1.0 - 5.0 bar
- Minimum flow rate: 5 LPM
- Tap hole Size: 35mm drill hole
Data sheet
Installation and Maintenance Guide


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KWC DVS Aquarius A45 Deck Mounted Automatic Tap

KWC DVS Aquarius A45 Deck Mounted Automatic Tap


Aquarius A45 Automatic Sensor Tap - Mains Powered

Incorporating a modern and simple design, the A45 tap ensures the ultimate in hygiene for the most discerning of clients. Perfect for all applications where hygiene is paramount. The robust design and build quality also makes it ideal for heavy industrial applications. The A45 is manufactured from stainless steel, and with a solid 38mm stainless steel ingot for the head assembly. Please see "Diagrams" tab for tap measurements.
The integrated sensor comes pre-set, and additional settings can be programmed on site using the hand-held programmer (sold separately), these settings include increased run-on times, and anti-vandal lock out functions.
These A45 taps have the IR sensor located at the end of the tap pointing downward to reduce the risk of false activations caused by reflective materials such as hi-vis jackets.

Water Pressure: The standard solenoid valve supplied has a pressure rating range of 1.0 Bar to 6.0 Bar, and a minimum flow rate 5 L/min per tap.

Electrical Requirements: Each kit requires a 3-amp protected fused spur.

Tap Hole Size: 28mm

Pack Includes:

- Tap(s) - AT03-011
- Solenoid valve(s)
- Power supply unit (PSU)
- Connector(s) for PSU
- Flex hose(s)


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