Waterless Urinals

Companies emphasising water conservation boost their image with eco-conscious customers and gain a competitive edge, as sustainability appeals to investors and stakeholders. Advancements in waterless urinal technology over the past decade have accelerated the shift away from flushing, aligning with environmental goals and cost reduction. Gentworks, with over 20 years of expertise in waterless urinals, offers dependable solutions from Falcon, GW6, and more, catering to various budgets.

Falcon HPKV SE000 High-Performance Key Valve for Waterless Urinals

Falcon HPKV SE000 High-Performance Key Valve for Waterless Urinals

Falcon HPKV SE000 High Performance Key Valve for Waterless Urinals.

This model uses an innovative "bell-valve" promising a much faster flow than previous models, while still preventing odours.
The Key-Ring dispenses ingredients  that help prevent blockages in the waste pipes. As the contents dissolve with use, the Key-Ring also acts as an indicator of when the cartridge needs changing.
38mm for standard 1 ½” BSP waste outlet.

Genuine replacement for Falcon HPKV SE000 retrofit kits and compatible with some Duravit and Lecico branded waterless urinals.

This product has the part number SE000 engraved into the plastic on the stem and has two locating pins.

UPC 700461826774


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S6282 Falcon Velocity Replacement Cartridge for Aridian

S6282 Falcon Velocity Replacement Cartridge for Aridian

The Velocity is the latest design of replacement cartridge from Falcon Waterfree for Armitage Shanks Aridian and Falcon waterless urinal bowls. The previous S6282 "Legacy" Falcon cartridge is no longer manufactured and therefore will only be available while stocks last. The Velocity cartridge lasts longer than the previous model due to faster flow through the internal trap and less splashing within the trap cavity, resulting in slower build-up. It is also easier to identify when the cartridge needs replacing because the blue sealant fluid will cover an "indicator" when the cartridge is full. All the details on the Velocity cartridge can be viewed by clicking on the product data sheets tab above.
Every cartridge box includes:
- Falcon Waterfree Velocity cartridge for use with Armitage Shanks Aridian or Falcon Waterfree urinals
- Sachet of Sealant
- Metal Cartridge Key - Plastic Gloves for handling used cartridge
- Sanitary Bag for disposal of used cartridge
- Instruction Sheet
- Sanitary Bag for disposal of used cartridge
- Instruction Sheet

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GW6-15 Patagonian Concealed Ceramic Waterless Urinal

GW6-15 Patagonian Concealed Ceramic Waterless Urinal

GW615 Patagonian Waterless Urinal For Concealed (rear waste pipe outlet) Installations


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 Key Benefits:
  • unique dual valve technology for added protection against odours
  • small, replaceable GW615 valve core typically lasts for 4-6 months
  • high drainage rate 
  • waste pipe connection must be horizontal (e.g. through panel)
  • reduced water and maintenance costs
  • manufactured in high quality ceramic
  • Stylish design ideal for high end look washrooms
  • water saving reduces energy use and emissions
  • lower installation costs—no water or electrics

 GW615 Patagonian Waterless Urinal

YouTube about GW6-15
The GW6-15 Patagonian ceramic waterless urinal bowl uses the same valve and "snorkel" technology as the popular GW6 cartridge. The urinal is manufactured in ceramic and is suitable for concealed pipework. The Patagonian now incorporates the latest version of the GW6-15 valve core with much faster drainage - approximately 12 litres per minute. This allows for more effective sluicing of the waste pipes to keep them even cleaner. Chemical resistance has also been much improved, particularly against bleach, to which silicone valves are particularly vulnerable. The dual valves are now manufactured in a special silicone to reduce the chance of damage from harsh cleaning chemicals, although these are still best avoided in order to maximise the life of the cartridge. 
Instead of a fluid barrier, the GW6-15 valve uses a silicone double-skirt valve which is tolerant of both water and common cleaning chemicals.

See replacement valves for GW6-15

- 1 x GW615 Patagonian concealed ceramic urinal
- 1 x Set of wall hangers
- 1 x GW615 waterless waste with service key
Recommended Waste Fittings
For horizontal waste pipe— McAlpine T5M or T5M-A 1½" 90° Multifit Bend x BSP Coupling


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