Cleaners Sinks

Cleaners Sinks

These heavy-duty commercial products are expertly glazed and fired using state-of-the-art kiln technology, making them extremely robust, antibacterial, and both stain and acid resistant.

The stainless steel version is an extremely sturdy and heavy duty Cleaner's sink especially designed to handle significant wear and tear.

Our range of fireclay cleaners sinks have been specifically designed for use in schools, hotels, leisure, public buildings and laboratories.

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Low Back Birch Cleaners Sink 46cm

Low Back Birch Cleaners Sink 46cm



Price (inc VAT): £314.40

High Back Alder Cleaners Sink 51cm

High Back Alder Cleaners Sink 51cm



Price (inc VAT): £390.00

Stainless Steel Cleaners Sink 56 cm

Stainless steel bucket sink - with legs and hinged grating. 



Price (inc VAT): £414.00