Non-concussive Timed Flow Taps

Non-concussive push taps, with automatic shutoff, make a great budget option and save water.

Repair Kit For Self Closing Basin Tap

Repair Kit For Self Closing Basin Tap


Repair Kit for Self-Closing Basin Tap

Non-concussive tap valves can sometimes fail due to factors like excessive water pressure, limescale, high water temperature, or excessive force used to operate them. Once the water is isolated the valve can be changed from the top without the requirement to remove the tap. This repair kit is compatible with Gentworks TAP-C-10 taps and those with production code DTC32 etched at the base of the tap.

The repair kit includes both hot and cold indices.


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Self Closing Single Feed Tap

Self Closing Single Feed Tap


Self closing non-concussive single feed tap is manufactured from brass and has a high polish chrome finish.

Provides approximately 8-10 seconds duration of flow (not adjustable) when the push button top is depressed, savings in both water usage and energy in all commercial and industrial environments.
This tap is supplied with cold and hot indices for either installation.
Inlet Connection - Single Feed (1/2 in) BSP male connection.

WRAS Approved.

- Self closing operation
- Water & Energy saving
- High polish chrome finish

Pressures & operating conditions:
Minimum operating pressure: 0.5 bar
Maximum operating pressure: 3.0 bar
Maximum Inlet temperature: 43o


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Toggle Lever Timed Flow Basin Tap

Toggle Lever Timed Flow Basin Tap


This self-closing toggle lever handle deck mounted tap is easy to grip and can be operated by either hand or wrist making the tap ideal for those with limited dexterity and a great choice for primary schools and nurseries.
The toggle tap is not thermostatic and must be installed to pre-mixed water with a control device (TMV).

- Chrome plated 
- WRAS approved
- Single feed 1/2" BSP connection
- 22mm tap holes required
- Approx 8-12 seconds time flow
- Multi directional lever
- Supplied as single tap
- Easy for young children to operate
- Idea for use in unsupervised areas to stop water wastage

Technical Specification:
Max operating pressure: 5.0 bar static
Min operating pressure: 0.5 bar dynamic
Max inlet temperature: 80°C
Timed flow: 8/12 seconds


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Foot Operated Floor/Wall Mounted Pedal Tap

Foot Operated Floor/Wall Mounted Pedal Tap


3-second self-closing valve with pedal control. Mount it on the floor or wall. Save water effortlessly with automatic shut-off. Enjoy hygiene and ease of use with the intuitive pedal. Compatible with 15mm diameter pipes. Complete your setup with a basin mounted or wall mounted water spout (not included).

Pressures and Operating Conditions:
Maximum operating pressure: 5 bar
Minimum operating pressure: 0.5 bar
Inlet Connection 1/2 inch
Outlet Connection 1/2 inch



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Knee Operated Tap and Deck Spout

Knee Operated Tap and Deck Spout


Self closing exposed connection knee operated timed flow valve with basin / deck spout. Suitable for commercial and industrial environments and for those with restricted hand movement.

The through wall mounted lever articulates in any direction and each activation gives approximately 15 seconds flow. Manufactured from brass with a chrome plated finish and suitable for connecting to a temperature controlled warm water supply.

A multi directional lever operated valve allows the user to deliver hot, cold or mixed temperature water in a controlled and hygienic way. The valves are simple to install, easy to use, vandal resistant and durable making them ideal for wide range of applications

Inlet and outlet are compression fittings to suit 15mm diameter pipe.

Deck / basin swivel spout for use with knee operated timed flow valve, manufactured from stainless steel tube and polished to a finish. (½in) BSP male inlet connection.

28mm tap hole.

Pressures and Operating Conditions:
Maximum operating pressure: 5 bar
Minimum operating pressure: 0.5 bar
Maximum inlet Temperature: 65oC
Timed flow at 1 bar: 15 ± 3 seconds


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Self-Closing Pillar Mixer With Adjustable Flow Time

Self-Closing Pillar Mixer With Adjustable Flow Time



Deck-mounted push time-flow mixer tap, with connections for hot and cold water.

The F5SM1001 tap is controlled using a push time-flow button, which runs the tap for an adjustable time of 5-60 seconds.
This mixer is fitted with Franke’s FRAMIC self-closing cartridge, which provides a low maintenance and stagnation-free ceramic cartridge solution.
Steeples adjustment of flow duration. With adjustable, turn-proof temperature stop. For connection to hot water and cold water via hoses with integrated backflow preventer and strainers. 


All-metal construction, high-polished chromium plated brass. Anti-theft aerator, SLIM design, with integrated flow regulator 5.0 l/min

Pressure & Operating Conditions
Minimum  flow pressure: 0.50 bar
Minimum flow time 5 seconds
Maximum flow time 60 seconds
35mm drill hole 


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