Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers

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All our hand dryers combine amazing energy effiiciency with very fast drying times. All models are exceptional value and high quality. The Biodrier range is underpinned by a 5 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY, 3 years of which is on-site!  The range of 'hands-in' models have creatively addressed the problems associated with some better known competitive products.


Turbo ECO Hand Dryer

Biodrier BioLite Hand Dryer



Price (inc VAT): £165.60

Biodrier ECO Hand Dryer

Biodrier ECO Hand Dryer



Price (inc VAT): £222.00

Biodrier BioLite Hand Dryer

Biodrier BioLite Hand Dryer



Price (inc VAT): £232.80

Biodrier Executive Hand Dryer

Biodrier EXECUTIVE Hand Dryer



Price (inc VAT): £658.80