Urinal Products

Urinal Products

Gentworks has specialised in urinal products and services since 2001. We supply readliy available products from leading brands plus a few of our own models.  Our field service engineers install and service hundreds of urinals each month for our large corporate and public sector clients so we have considerable expertise in these products. If you require help or advice, please call 0345 202 4535. NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY IS STANDARD FOR MANY PRODUCTS.

Gentworks was founded in 2001 to specialise in gents washrooms, as the company name suggests. Since then, we've branched out into many related product areas although urinal products, systems and servicing still remain the largest part of our business.  Gentworks is focussed on commercial washrooms and, in particular, providing urinal bowls, complete urinal sets and accessories that have been tried and tested in the market.  Our customers want choice, but also reliability and value for money.  Therefore we are always looking for products that meet our high quality standards but at the lowest prices. Gentworks carries the best known brands of urinal products but also some lesser known brands which we have evaluated as being of excellent value. So you will find ceramic urinal bowls and urinal bowl sets from Armitage Shanks and Twyford Bathrooms alongside those from Olympus and models we have sourced direct from factories. When combining urinals with cisterns and the related pipes, we don't always use everything from one brand. This allows us to not only to keep prices low but to ensure we can deliver quickly, often on the next working day. We even design special packaging to ensure that ceramic products survive the delivery process. After all, a urinal or other product that is delivered next day but broken, doesn't count as a next day delivery.

In addition to ceramic urinal product, Gentworks has a range of stainless steel urinals that offer high quality at unbelievably low prices, all manufactured in the UK.  Our volumes are so high that our manufacturers give us excellent discounts that we can pass onto our customers.  The UK standard for urinal troughs is to use 1.2mm thick Grade 304 stainless steel. We also offer even more robust stainless steel urinals made from 1.5mm thick stainless steel of the same Grade.  There is an accepted standard of 10% tolerance allowed for in stainless steel sheets so these thicknesses can be plus or minus 10%, but this makes no significant difference to the product look or strength.

Waterless urinals have become very popular and account for an increasing proportion of our total urinal sales each year. We accept that waterless urinals used to be very smelly and problematic but some of the new systems work very well indeed. Our favourite is currently the GW6 and its derivatives but we're always looking out for the next best thing. We offer waterless urinal bowls and waterless urinal troughs fitted with the GW6 valves and other systems, with several of the models having been designed by Gentworks and manufactured exclusively for us in the UK and Ireland market.

Despite being much more popular than they were, waterless urinals are still a relatively small part of the market for urinals overall. Most of our customers still choose traditional flushed urinals, whether they be ceramic or stainless steel. In this case, most customers recognise that urinals are fitted with cisterns which are designed to fill and flush several times per hour, all day long. Urinal flush controls are therefore amongst our best selling products because they save up to 90% of the water that would be used by allowing the cistern to flush so frequently. As for the urinal bowls, Gentworks offers the well-known brands, including Cistermiser and Dart Valley Systems, alongside models from Marnic, and our own. Marnic may not be a recognised name in the South of England but, in the North, many councils and companies use their products. Gentworks has worked closely with Marnic, alongside Cistermiser and DVS, for more than 10 years.

After urinals have been installed, they always need some care and maintenance. We often find that very aggressive chemicals which actually damage the urinals are used. Don't be fooled by descriptions on cleaning products such as "only uses natural ingredients". Lime and lemon juice are acids, just as much as sulphuric acid. There are urinal cleaning products that use "juice" which have a pH of 1, the highest level.  Using strong acids on ceramic urinal bowls will gradually remove the glaze, leaving the bowls dull and harder to clean.  Using acids on stainless steel and not rinsing them off quickly and thoroughly will lead to black marks which cannot be removed, unless the product is constructed from much more expensive Grade 316 stainless steel. You won't find damaging cleaning products on this website, although do take note of the dilution instructions for products supplied in concentrated form.  It is easy to keep a urinal clean and shiny, free of limescale deposits, without resorting to bleach, strongly acidic or caustic products. Take care of the environment while achieving the cleaning results you require.