Tap Hole Configurations

Tap Hole Configurations

Gentworks does not charge for pre-drilling tap holes on wash troughs purchased through this website, whatever the configuration.

Tap Types and Hole Diameters

  • Standard taps and spouts generally require a hole of at least 22mm in diameter. 
  • Sensor taps usually specify a 28mm diameter hole, although 25mm may be sufficient
  • Monobloc mixer taps, taking both a hot and cold supply, mostly require a minimum 32mm diameter hole.


Distances Between Tap Stations
A "tap station" is the space allocated to a user to access the taps, usually 500mm to 600mm in length. The "tap station centre"  is the centre of this space. Where tap hole pairs are required, the "tap station centre" means the mid-point between the hot and cold taps.

The tap station centres for standard wash troughs are as follows:

  • 1200mm, 1800mm and 2400mm lengths:  300mm from each end and 600mm between stations.
  • 1500mm for 2 users: 375mm from each end and 750mm between stations.
  • 1500mm for 3 users:  250mm from each end and 500mm between stations.
  • 2100mm for 3 users: 350mm from each end and 700mm between stations.
  • 2100mm for 4 users: 262.5mm from each end and 525mm between stations.

Other tap hole configurations are available on request.