Cistermiser - IRC Sensor with Ceiling Kit

Cistermiser - IRC Sensor with Ceiling Kit

Cistermiser - IRC Sensor with Ceiling Kit
Ceiling kit for recessed installations included
Solenoid valve included
Ref 402EIRC
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  • Description
    New-look with with improved aesthetics
    The IRC has the advantage of being packaged for installation onto a wall, recessed into a false ceiling or directly onto the water supply pipe. The included solenoid valve is plumbed into the water supply to the urinal cistern. The connection to the control sensor box can be made by mounting the box directly onto the solenoid valve or remote from the valve, using the 'floating socket'.
    The unit is supplied with mains and battery power options, so no additional external transformer is required. 
    How it works:
    When movement is detected a pulse is sent to open the solenoid valve and water flows to the cistern. At the same time, the PIR sensor is switched off. The initial open period is 25 mins after which time PIR power is restored. Any occupancy in the next 5 minutes will cause the cycle to repeat (30min total cycle). If no occupancy, then the solenoid stays closed till the next occupancy is detected. Flow rate to the cistern is adjusted via the flow regulator in the valve. Generally, this should be set so that the cistern fills and flushes once in every 30 minute cycle. If there is no occupancy in 12 hours, the solenoid will automatically open for 30 minutes to provide a hygiene flush to the urinals and pipework.
    Installation instructions for Cistermiser Infra-Red IRC valve.
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  • More Product Info
    The control box with the sensor  can be mounted directly onto the solenoid valve or remotely on the wall or ceiling using standard electrical cable. The sensor module can be surface mounted using a standard patress box (not included) or recessed into a suspended ceiling using the 'flush mounting kit', which is included.  
    Power consumption
    If using batteries, 4x1.5 Alkaline type LR6 cells (not supplied) are required. Battery life of up to 3 years depending on battery quality and washroom use / operating frequency.
    - reduced water consumption by up to 80% 
    - reliable and low maintenance
    - passive infra-red sensor, occupancy detection
    - single valve output
    - adjustable flow rate
    - janitorial flush (if sensor not triggered for 12 hours)
    - WRAS approved Product 


    Gentworks note: During site surveys, we find that many IRC2 models have not been correctly calibrated to ensure that a flush only occurs once when the sensor is activated. Many flush 3 or 4 times during the 30 minute period because the flow to the solenoid valve has not been set to ensure the cistern only fills once in that time. Please follow the manufacturers' calibration instructions.

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