LAVA F7000 Ceramic Waterless Urinal with Falcon Velocity

LAVA F7000 Ceramic Waterless Urinal with Falcon Velocity

LAVA F7000 Ceramic Waterless Urinal with Falcon Velocity
F7000-HRZ for Horizontal concealed waste pipes
F7000-VRT for Vertical exposed waste pipes
Ref F7000-HRZ
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  • Description
    LAVA F7000 Waterless Urinal with Falcon Waterless Cartridge
    • Reduce expenditure on water and sewerage costs
    • Saves water, thus reducing energy and emissions
    • Runs on the popular Falcon Velocity waterless cartridge system
    • Stylish design ideal for high end look washrooms
    • No water supply piping or power to install
    • Cartridge usually lasts around 3-4 months
    • Anti-splash design
    • Choice of Horizontal outlet for concealed waste pipes or Vertical outlet for exposed waste pipes
    The Lava F7000 is a stylish waterless urinal Ideal for busy commercial environments such as  offices, restaurants, hotels, clubs,schools, and sports stadiums. 
    This urinal uses the popular Falcon Waterfree Technologies waterless cartridge, a system cleaners and facilities management companies may already be familiar with. 
    Maintenance is straightforward using  spray on waterless urinal safe cleaners and a simple cartridge change every 3-4 months or 4000-7000 uses.
    How it works
    Urine, which is 96% water, flows down the surface of the urinal and into the unique Falcon cartridge. The cartridge is filled with a special liquid called Allseal, which is not only perfumed, but prevents foul air from rising up from the drain and into the washroom. It does this by floating on the surface inside the cartridge and trapping any particles at the cartridge base. Note that the effectivness of the Allseal sealant can be impaired by sluicing or by incompatible cleaning chemicals, if proper care is not take,  However, there are no mechanical components to go wrong. Regular cleaning consists of spraying on cleaner and wiping it off. Replacing cartridges, a simple job,  has to be carried out every three to four months under average use conditions, but can last from 2 to 12 months, dependent on usage.
    How to avoid blockages in waste pipes
    Whilst the waste pipes of waterless urinals block less frequently than for most flushed urinals, uric acid salts can still form a sludge which eventually cause a blockage. Sludge can be a particular problem if the waste pipes are shared with sinks or are poorly configured.  Gentworks recommends periodic dosing/sluicing with Bactericidal Cleaner to break down this sludge and carry it away into the main drain. For LAVA  LF7000 urinals fitted with the Falcon cartridge, sluicing must only be done once the cartridge has been removed at time of cartridge change, otherwise the fluid sealant will be washed away. The solution used should be approximately 1 part Bactericidal Cleaner to 9 parts warm water from the washroom hot tap. Sluicing volume should be approximately 3 litres.
    - 1 x LAVA F7000 wall urinal
    - 1 x Set of wall hangers
    - 1 x Falcon Velocity waterless cartridge
     LAVA F7000 with Falcon Product Data Sheet
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