Service-Key for Key-Valve

Service-Key for Key-Valve

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    Changeout/Service Key for inserting and extracting Key-Valve waterless urinal cartridges, including the new Falcon High Performace Key Valve (HPKV).



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    An Alternative Cartridge for Aridian and Falcon Waterfree urinals.

    The main component of the Key-System® from Enswico is the Key-Valve® waterless urinal cartridge. The superior design of the Swiss-made Key-Valve offers the benefits of cartridge longevity, valve reliability and ease of maintenance. 
    Longer lasting cartridge that indicates when it needs replacing
    In Gentworks field tests, the Key-Valve cartridge lasted 50% to 100% longer than the Falcon cartridge, when fitted in Aridian urinal bowls. Customer feedback has confirmed these findings. Each cartridge typically needs to be changed 2 to 3 times per year but can last for up to 12 months.  The cartridge visually indicates when it needs changing which means that the maximum value is gained from each one. Eventually, drain gases reduce the elasticity of the valve diaphragm and reduce the capacity from the initial 3 litres per minute. Shelf life prior to use is up to 1 year, if stored at room temperature in the original packaging. The adaptor 'plug' is expected to need replacing approximately every 2 years.
    Easier to maintain
    The ring of the cartridge (Key-Ring®) contains active ingredients to attack build-up in the waste pipes and ensure good drainage. When the ring becomes clear of green material, or almost clear, the cartridge must be replaced using the Service-Key provided. During the simple change procedure, the urinal needs to be dosed/sluiced with a solution of the recommended chemical as a further safeguard against blockages. The procedure for replacing the cartridge is easier and less unpleasant than for the Falcon cartridge.
    Incorporating the latest technologies using high-quality materials
    The Key-Valve works using "Bernoulli's principle" (Click here to view the relevant Wikipedia entry). Aided by cohesion of the moistened Key-Membrane®, the valve remains permanently airtight. It will not dry out because of the moist air in the waste pipes. The membrane is made of a special silicone rubber compound and possesses exceptional chemical and mechanical properties. Larger pieces of debris are caught by the valve cover whilst smaller particles are separated horizontally by the patented design of the membrane. 
    With the Key-Valve, no additional air-admittance valve needs to be fitted to the waste pipes but if such a conventional one-way valve is already in place, it does not effect operation.. Vacuum fluctuations in the waste pipes are automatically balanced because the membrane allows airflow into the drain. When the waste pipes are under pressure, the membrane closes tight to prevent odours.
    Once moistened, the ring of the Key-Valve creates a gel that ensures controlled dispensing of the water soluble ingredients which include a proprietary blend of pH neutral active cleaning substances and beneficial micro-organisms. These accelerate the decomposition of organic matter, including urine and uric acid salts, as well as prevent odour-causing bacteria and the creation of ammonia.
    Why Gentworks is now offering the Key-Valve® to our customers
    In November 2011, Gentworks began trials of the new waterless Key-System, designed and manufactured in Switzerland. The trials included conversion of standard urinals to waterless and substitution of Falcon Waterfree cartridges in Aridian waterless urinal bowls. The Key-Valve performed better than any system we have experienced in terms of reliability and longevity. 
    There are several other products on the market using valves to prevent odours but none have impressed our engineers. They were understandably sceptical about the Key-Valve but were more than convinced by the results from the trials. Prior to the Key-Valve, Gentworks' main objection to valve-based products was the frequency with which foul odours were emitted into washrooms due to valves being stuck in the open position by the hair and debris that inevitably flows into the urinal wastes. If a valve remains open, odours from the drains will vent into the washroom unimpeded because most valve-based system require that there are no traps or u-bends fitted, therefore there is no fluid seal. The Key-Valve is different because of the the quality of design, composition and manufacture of the all-important valve component which is much less liable to suffer from this problem.
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