Drinking Fountain - Heavy Duty Cast Iron Wall Mounted - White

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Ref DFNW-860

Traditional multi-purpose wall mounted drinking fountain constructed from 10mm thick cast Iron finished in a white plastic coating. It is robust, hygienic and can be wall mounted at adult or junior height. Widely used for many years in schools, parks and other public areas.


•  Hygienic design - The water jet is located in a dished recess protected by a stainless steel cover plate which prevents access to the nozzle with the mouth and contamination form bird droppings etc. 
•  Bottle and cup filling - Innovative downward water jet design allows users the ability to fill sports bottles and is less sensitive to drops in water pressure.
•  Easy operation - Toggle lever operation makes it easy for small children to operate and drink from, a slight push or pull being all that is necessary.
•  Anti-tamper- Water control components are enclosed in the back structure reducing the risk of vandalism or tampering.
•  Simple connections - Exposed water supply and waste drainage connections are made to the underside of the drinking fountain.
•  Frost damage protection - If the water supply is accidently left on during freezing conditions a sacrificial flange washer prevents frost damage to valve (Washer available as a spare (NW86/15)

Pressures & operating conditions:

½” BSP exposed water inlet connection
¾” BSP exposed waste drainage connection (Optional 1¼” BSP waste adaptor is available HN01012)
Factory set to suit 2.8bar water pressure (Can be adjustable by the installer)
Due to the weight of the drinking fountain it is only suitable for fixing to solid walls or timber frame.


 DFNW-860 Novus Product Data Sheet



Width: 203mm
Depth: 356mm (projection from wall) 
Height: 406mm
Weight: 11.8Kg

 DFNW-860 Novus Installation and Maintenance Instructions