DVS Pearl SOLO Downlighter For Direct Flush - Ceiling Mounted PIR Sensor

DVS Pearl SOLO Downlighter For Direct Flush - Ceiling Mounted PIR Sensor

DVS Pearl SOLO Downlighter For Direct Flush - Ceiling Mounted PIR Sensor
Ref UC01-027
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Air break
Isolators and filters
Delivery Time 1 to 2 working days

  • Description

    The DVS Pearl Solo is a suspended ceiling urinal control for a single urinal bowl without a cistern. This mains powered unit is the size of a mini-downlighter, with a narrow beam, and will only be activated if a user stands under the beam for 5 seconds or more.  When the user walks away there is a 3 second delay before the controller flushes for the set number of seconds.

    - Solenoid valve for connection to water supply
    - Sensor, incorporating flush controller system, for fitting into ceiling above urinals
    - power transformer
     DVS Urinal Control System Instruction ManualDVS Pearl Solo installation and operation manual (492k)

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  • Options

    Air Break (back-flow preventer): Required to comply with water regulations to prevent contamination of mains water supply.
    Isolators and Filters: These are standard plumbing fittings but can be added as an option for convenience. It is recommended that an isolation valve is fitted either side of the solenoid valve. If the water flow through the solenoid valve is too fast, spillage from the air break may result. To remedy this, the isolation valve after the solenoid valve should be adjusted to reduce the flow. Restricting the flow using the isolation valve before the solenoid valve may cause the soelnoid valve to operate incorrectly. It is also recommended that a Y-filter is fitted before the solenoid valve to prevent debris from constricting the flow through the solenoid valve or urinal spreader.

  • More Product Info

    - Up to 80% savings on water costs
    - Extremely reliable and low maintenance
    - Passive infra-red sensor, detection indicated by a flashing green light
    - Low power consumption
    - Single valve output
    - Default preset settings
    - adjustable flush period
    - Valve open button
    - Janitorial flush (if sensor not triggered for 12 hours)
    - 2 year guarantee

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